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  December 2019 Monthly Bulletin   Dec Monthly Features
Uncivilized Brutes Mar Nehru Hockey Final With Murderous Assault Photo of the Month
Former Captain Sandeep Singh Is New Sports Minister of Hariyana Money Matters
Indian Men Qualify For 2020 Tokyo Olympics Hockey Tournament Media Matters
Indian Women Quality For 2020 Tokyo Olympics Hockey Tournament Visitor of the Month
Indian Oil Win 123rd Beighton Cup Hockey Tournament In Kolkata Fun With Numbers


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Bharatiya Hockey Calendar
Indian Hockey Calendar (1997 - 2019)
Indian Women Player Profiles (23)
Indian Men Player Profiles (31)
Indian Men Player Awards (101)
Indian Men Player Birthdays (103)


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India vs. Pakistan

India vs. Australia Germany Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand


Hockey Coaching

Coach's Corner - 2009, 2010, 2011


Indian Hockey Library

The Golden Hat Trick
Goal! Dhyan Chand World Champs Golden HatTrick Hell With Hockey Gloom to Glory Golden Boot


Proposal for Corporate Sponsorship

Junior National Hockey League



Lopsidedness in Indian Sports By Rohit Brijnath
Their Hearts Will Always Go On By Rohit Brijnath
Open Goal, Closed Mind By Shekhar Gupta
Hockey Just Isn't Cricket By Shekhar Gupta
Poetry And Prose Of Indian Sport By Rajdeep Sardesai
The Cruel Gods of Indian Sport By Tom Alter
India Needs to Discover Another Sport By Harsha Bhogle
Victory Among the Chrysanthemums By Melville de Mellow
Unbalanced Sports Coverage in the Indian Media


Olympic Men's Hockey

India's Golden Moments (1928-1980)
India's Olympic Captains (1928-2004)
Olympic Hockey Medallists (1908-2000)


Photo Gallery

Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara
Indian Hockey's Yuva Sena
1984 Los Angeles - Time Magazine
1996 Atlanta - Reebok, BPL, SAIL
2000 Sydney Ads - IBM, Catch
Balbir Singh Senior Photo Gallery
Patrick Jansen Photo Gallery


Khel Ratna - Dhanraj Pillai

Dhanraj in Deutschland

1996 Planet Reebok Ad

2000 Catch Spring Water Promo

Wizard of the Dribble

Career Statistics


Hockey Ka Jadoogar - Dhyan Chand

Goal by Dhyan Chand - An Autobiography

Tribute by Col. A. I. S. Dara (Pakistan)

Tribute by Rohit Brijnath (India Today)

Tribute by S. K. Sham (

Player of the Century (World Hockey)

Century's Hockey Personality (Sportstar)

Legend of Dhyan Chand - A Biography


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