North Zone East Zone West Zone South Zone
Ganga Conference Brahmaputra Conference Ahimsa Conference Adi Sankara Conference
Indraprastha Conference Durga Conference Maratha Conference Chola Conference
Kurukshetra Conference Kalinga Conference Rajput Conference Venkateswara Conference
Taj Conference Nalanda Conference Sanchi Conference Vijayanagara Conference

The proposed Junior National Hockey League has a nation-wide scope, comprising 4 conferences in each zone, spanning more than 100 universities from all over India.

The universities in a conference play in a round robin format to decide the conference champions. The 4 conference champions within a zone play a knockout to determine the zonal champions. The 4 zonal champions enter the prestigious Final Four stage of the tournament, where another knockout stage determines the national champion.

The duration of the proposed Junior National Hockey League season will be between 2-3 months. Matches will be played once every weekend on Saturdays. University teams will travel to each others campuses to play the games. The press will vote weekly on the top 20 teams of the country. Television will air weekly broadcasts of the top university matchups in the country.